How to photograph a Milky Way Star/Meteor-Shower

A Milky Way Star/Meteor-Shower is created when you photograph the Milky-Way, and halfway through the photograph you start to turn the lens. It creates then an effect that simulates a Meteor Shower coming from the Milky-Way. The trick is not to bump your camera, as this will cause your image to become fuzzy.

This section will show you how to photograph the Milky Way Star/Meteor-Shower with the use of a tri-pod, your DSLR camera, a cable release and some patience. Do not be despaired if you don’t get this right the first time, as it will take a couple of test photos to get a nice crisp photograph.
STEP 1: Get Ready and  
STEP 2: Set the settings – Refer to the next page for the settings
STEP 3: Point your camee to the Milky-Way and Take a Test Photo
1.       The first step would be to set your camera to the following settings: ISO = 3200, Shutter Speed = 30 Seconds and Aperture f/4.5
2.    Press your cable release, and take the photograph
3.    Leave the camera for 12 seconds, and then slowly start to zoom in your lens from 18mm till about 35mm. Try to minimize the camera shake(turn the lenses very slowly and do not shake the camera)
4.    When the photo is finished then look at it in playback
In Playback make sure that all the stars have pinpoint accuracy. If they are not very sharp then re-focus your lens until the ultimate sharpness can be obtained. If your photo is sharp then sit back and admire your first photograph.
STEP 4: Take your photograph

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