How to create Sun Burst – Streaking Sun stripes


One of the most visually stunning effects that you can do as well in low-light or night time photography is to capture sun/moon or stars that creates stipes’ or bursts. This is when there are lines emanating from your subject which is not normally visible. These lines are in fact generated by using a low aperture. This article will explain to you why this is occurring and how to photograph the burst effect.


How to create Streaking Sun-Stripes


Explanation: When you decrease the size of your aperture, then the lens opening becomes smaller. Thus when your lens opening is very small and you photograph a bright light (sun, moon and other stars) then the bright light is then filtered according to the corners of the blades in your lens. Note: each lens have different amount of blades, thus different lenses crease different amount of lines.


How to: Use your normal camera settings as per the different subject, but use a low aperture: Aperture Small (F16-22). Note: Watch out for sunspots which are caused by the reflection f the bright object onto your lens


The same principle can be used on the moon or other Stars/ this can create a different mood or effect in your photograph which can be quite visually pleasing. You can incorporate the lens flare as well to create a specific effect, but this all depends on your personal preference



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