Phases of the Moon


The moon has different phases, and has different effects on the lightning of your scene. The moon is a great source of Light Pollution in your scene, but this depends as well what kind of photo you want to take. The moon orbits the Earth in approximately 29 days, and follows the Earth in an ecliptic orbit, and so it sometimes closer or further away from the Earth.

Primary Phases of the Moon

There are three additional phenomenon’s which have an impact on your night time photo: Blue Moon (when there are two full moons in one month), Super Moon (when the moon is the closest to Earth in its elliptical orbit, Red Moon (Blood Moon – rare phenomenon) 

Why is this important?

If you take StarTrail or Star Circle photographs then you want as dark as possible night time scenes, but this is useful as well when you want to photograph the moon. Moonlit scenes can create some dramatic effects in your photographs, and thus I would suggest that you plan according to the phases of the moon.


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