How to add writing to your Star Trails


Adding writing to your star-trails with light painting is an easy process and can be achieved very quickly with some practice. The following guide will give you guidelines how to do it.


Step 1: Take you star trail photo
Step 2: Write in the sky
Keep your shutter at 30 seconds and move to a couple of metres in front of the camera with dark clothing. Start your writing in the sky (it can be for example your name) Just remember that you must write in “reverse”. After you’ve finished writing quickly move away so that the camera does not pick you up.
Step 3: Blend it
1         Open StarStax      
2         Drag your Star Photos to the left of StarStax (or import your images)     
2Select the Average option from the right hand dropdown menu       
3         Select Edit Menu on top and click on Start Processing            
4         This process should take approximately 1-2 minutes 
5         When done then save your image to your hard drive            

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