How to find the Milky Way Core


The most visible part of the Milky Way is the center of our galaxy where the most amounts of stars occurs. The galaxy center can easily be found via the application Planit! or by using your eyes. It is usually very good to plan for your shot using PlanIt! to ensure that you have the correct date and time to where the Milky Way center is going to be at any given time or at a specific date. 


Planning your photograph in PlanIt!

Follow the following step-by step guide to plan for the position of the Milky Way
1.       Open PlanIt! For Photographers On your mobile phone
2.       Open the Ephemeris features menu and select the Milky Way Centre
3.       Click on the icon to center on your current location
4.       Select the backgrounds menu option and select the Viewfinder (VR) option
5.       Adjust you time to the time you want to photograph
6.       Select your focal length
7.       Rotate the degrees at the bottom until you can see the Milky Way
8.     Lastly – find now the correct degrees to which the Milky Way is located  

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