How to fix Time-Lase Star Trails foreground by blending


Sometimes when you take Time-Lapse star trails your foreground image looks dull or you cannot even see it. This article will cover how to increase the visual look of your photograph by blending your time-lapse star trails with a correctly exposed photograph.

How to Blend

Follow the follow process to blend your Time-Lapse Start Trail image with a properly exposed photo:
Step 1: Take your Star Trail Photos
Step 2: Take a photograph where your foreground is perfectly exposed (using light painting) 

Step 3: Build your Star Trails Photo with StarStax
I use StarStax to Stack all the Time-Lapse photos into one brilliant photo.
Step 4: Save your StarStax Image

Step 5: Start a New StarStax project

Step 6: Add your Generated StarStax Image and your perfectly exposed foreground image

Step 7: Select the AVERAGE option from the Dropdown and Process the Image

Step 8: Save your image and enjoy it

The final Product

Thus s you can see blending your final image makes a massive difference to how your photograph looks like.

I would recommend you try using this method to generate even more awesome Star Trail photos

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